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The premise: a review written in under five minutes. Because sometimes, you just don’t want to read the three page one.


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Note: Although I am indeed Australia-based the version being reviewed is the uncensored one. Come on.

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The Game

As the title suggests, Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to Left 4 Dead. In theory. There is little storyline connection or continuation so if you missed the first one before picking this one up, fear not, you won’t feel as though you’re missing out.


It looks…

Surprisingly gory. If you were anything like me I expected the level of gore to be on par with the original Left 4 Dead. Other then that, environments, character models and general look and feel of the game hasn’t changed much. Everything has been artistically created to immerse the player in a chaotic world infested with zombies, horror-film style.


It sounds…

Intense. Sound plays a very crucial role in this game. Take musical cues to direct your course of action and warn you of incoming dangers. Tension and excitement are carefully directed with a well placed soundtrack.


It plays…

Like a first person shooter with the added options of co-op, versus and realism mode (single player not recommended, unless one wishes to familiarise themselves with the maps). There are lots of zombies and weapons – even more so then before. Essentially, it is Left 4 Dead with more guns, gore and zombies.  Oh, and it is hella fun.


It lasts…

Beyond co-op campaign mode there is also the ever-so-fun but not as scary versus mode which allows players to take turns in the role of the infected or survivors. Campaigns are similar in length to the first, so if anything it’ll probably have a gaming life of six to nine months at the very best.


Final notes

To me, it is simply not worth paying the full US$49.99. If you can, try and get a four-pack organised with some trusted friends – it works out to $37.50 per person, which is closer to what it should be worth. The only reason I purchased the game was to provide a refreshing change of scenario to my Left 4 Dead experience.

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