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EBGames North Ryde


It’s christmas time, you want to buy some games but find that everywhere you go, everything is sold out! Which leaves one last option… the loved yet hated, EB Games.


Being a past employee of said game store, I feel the need to offer some pointers on one of the most commonly asked about topics – PRICE MATCHING.


Price matching policy generally varies from store to store depending on how lax staff are but there are a few basic things one can count on.


– Most stores only price match local competitors, so don’t bother printing out a page of bargains from steam/play-asia/amazon. Likewise, it may also mean a competitor within a certain radius. If the nearest Big W is 10kms away they probably won’t do it.


– They will call the competitor you are quoting to check if

a) item is in stock. If it isn’t, some stores won’t match it

b) the price is correct

Some stores will even keep catalogs from competitors under the counter handy.


– They retain the same return policy even on price matched items. If you play it and don’t like it, then bring it back to them.


– They only match prices, not beat them.


– If you want to match a specific deal they can do it, but it must be an exact match. No swap-this-game-out-for-another-title.


– Sometimes, and I stress sometimes, if the price difference you are quoting isn’t all that drastic (say, 5 bucks) they will not check and simply agree to the match. Five bucks just isn’t worth the effort..


Hope this clarified a bit and helped with your christmas shopping.

Merry Xmas to all gamers!!

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