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Censordyne* - For cleaner internet!

With news about Australia’s new internet ‘clean feed’ plan hitting news headline’s everywhere, it’s kind of hard not to notice. For those who have been living under a rock, I’ll fill you in. Basically, the government has decided to implement a censorship plan that involves various ISP’s blocking access to blacklisted sites (Source 1).


Everybody’s been spouting anger about breach of rights, loss of freedom, democracy etc. But how will this also affect us gamers?


According to the government link here (Source 2), the plans are to block out internet material that has been refused classification (acronym RC). This could potentially mean losing access to information or media on games that have been RC’d here in Australia.


This method of censorship has also been utilized by other countries in the past to blacklist sites that spoke negatively of ruling parties (See source 2). Deceit! Repression of the right to speak! What’s to say it won’t happen to us?


Is it also a coincidence that this issue has been brought to light at the same time that the opportunity for the public to speak out about an R18+ classification for games has? Will our attentions be divided?


* Censordyne parody video available here.


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