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Clueless Staff

South Park Parody EVGames



How many times have you walked into a games store, expecting (or at least hoping) to be serviced by the guru’s of gaming only to be met with a bright and bubbly young employee who is quite obviously a noob?


It is something that makes me rage to see but there is no simple solution. This is the reality of retail, where customer service skills come first, not product knowledge.


We can’t go with an extreme end of one or another. You just can’t have an employee who is great to talk to but knows nada about games. Likewise, you can’t have a hardcore gamer who has no patience to answer the noob questions..


Based on my past experiences of working at a games store myself, it can be hard to strike a balance with employees. So one must be rather forgiving with the world of gamie retail, where the most practical choice seems to be prioritising customer service skills over pwnage skills.



Still, I can’t help but get all shitty when a little nublet tells me that a game that is due for release in the next fortnight “hasn’t even been made”.



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