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The premise: a review written in under five minutes. Because sometimes, you just don’t want to read the three page one.


Luke, I am your father..


Although I sort of have a self-imposed “do not review anything other then the newest of new releases” policy, I feel obliged as a friend who received this game for christmas to review it. That and I was quite impressed with this gift. Onto the review.


The Game

This is the first game of the Fallout series I have ever played. I don’t feel as though I’ve missed out on anything significant despite it being the third installment. The games can be played individually.

It is a sci-fi RPG. You create you own character, you do quests, you talk to NPC’s, you make dialogue choices, you level up, you pump points into stats and skills and you kill stuff.


It looks…

Nothing short of amazing. It was only released in 2009. My mid-range PC runs it smoothly and the landscapes are breathtaking. I also think it was a neat touch that they based some of the post-apocalyptic environments off of real geographic locations.


It sounds…

Bethesda (the developers) really went for a grand scale of epic here.


It plays…

There are three main things you will do in this game: talk to people, find shit, and kill shit. People who aren’t into reading a whole lot in their gaming time won’t like it. There is lot of dialogue in this game and a lot of choice making which makes reading the dialogue necessary if you wish to play it properly.

Combat isn’t as innovative as it is flashy but is still a lot of fun.


It lasts…

I get a feeling I’m about to devote 100 more hours of my life to this game. But only because I am a reader-gamer. Replayability will also make me play this game through another five times.


Final notes

For me one of the strongest selling points about this game was its storyline. Bethesda really went out of their way to conduct things in a less-then-traditional manner. For example, character creation is one of the first things you do – but don’t go expecting the usual spreadsheet smacked in your face.

I never was a fan of science fiction themed games but Fallout 3 has me sold in its story. I’m not leaving my house any time soon.


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