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A blessing or a curse?


It's a little buggy, but that amount sounds approximate.


It’s no secret I’m a hardcore gamer. With the recent introduction of networks like Steam, PSN and Xbox Live it seems the whole world can see how hardcore I really am, how many online friends I have, some of the games I buy and how long it’s been since I’ve logged off.


But do I really want the public to know I’ve spent over 40 hours on gaming in the last two weeks? Furthermore, do I want to know I’ve spent over 40 hours of gaming in the last two weeks?


I use steam a lot. I posted recently that I received Fallout 3 as a gift through the platform for christmas. It’s one of the first single player games I’ve had to access via steam. (I mean sure, there’s the ‘offline’ mode, but am I ever offline?).


This isn't me. Really.

This has a few benefits. For one I can still chat to friends whilst playing without alt-tabbing, which seems to crash my game. I can still access browsing the internet through steam’s in-built browser thingie.


And then my friends can see that I’ve spent 10 hours on it in the last 2 days since I got it.


I’ve noticed that I too have become something of a stalker via steam. For example, one of my mates is never OFFLINE. If he’s offline, then he’s not at home. Hmm, steam says he went offline approximately 7 minutes ago. Which means he’s probably on the road. Which means he’s probably on his way to my place right about now.


Or – better example – I know one of my friends has accumulated over EIGHT HUNDRED HOURS on Team Fortress 2. We never let him forget that we know.  Isn’t it kind of embarrassing?


So is it a good thing or bad thing that we can track each others gaming habits? Or do I simply want to deny that I spend that much time on gaming, instead of it slapping me in the face with a reality that doesn’t seem all too productive?



Comments on: "STEAM/PSN/Xbox Live and Stalking Your Friends Online" (1)

  1. Dont forget that they only brought out overall time tracking for L4D right when you started playing it less =P

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