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Project Natal (which I fondly pronounce NAY-TAL) is Microsoft’s latest technological innovation which sees the corporation trying to reach beyond the hardcore gamer.


I’ve lost interest already.


The main selling point of Project Natal is that it provides a controller-free gaming experience in which the player’s body becomes the controller. I  immediately foresaw an increase in household accident rates.


So if Project Natal is assumingly navigated through the use of physical motion and voice projection, what type of games are possible? I certainly can’t imagine grinding in an RPG or shooting in an fps (too many grenades thrown) or god forbid – a fighting game.


It seems the immediate possibilities are  –

1. Sports games

  • Bowling, tennis, golf etc.
  • Other forms of “exercise”

2. Simulations

  • Driving
  • Pets
  • Cooking
  • Other household tasks which are meant to be done in the household


Hmm, no other games come to mind. Whether that be because it’s still the early hours of the morning and I’m sitting in a bleak office environment or a lack of vision for Project Natal I can’t be sure.

Don’t get me wrong – I think Project has a sweet shining, polished vision. I – and all other hardcore gamers – just happen to be excluded from it.


There are a number of reasons Project Natal doesn’t excite me.


The trailer said it had “fun ways to play together” and showed a scene with a family playing together.

Umm, no. I cannot imagine my mum playing the kind of games I’m into. And I don’t have any desire to either.


No games for hardcore audience

Nor do I see myself developing the desire to play any of the aforementioned game possibilities.


And finally, too much movement

If I wanted to exercise that badly, I’d go outside. I play games to relax.


But how intuitive could this system be? Will there be any lag? Will it pick up every movement with pinpoint accuracy, lest it face the frustration of users spouting false claims?


And last of all:

1080p STREAMS: As well as HD insta-streaming (via variable bitrates), you can host virtual film nights- inviting your friends’ avatars to appear as an on-screen audience

That is way too sad, even for a nerd like me.

Credits: mos.futurenet.com

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