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Over the next two days I will be presenting an argument for and against why Australia needs the R18+ Classification scheme for games.


Although it is obvious that as an adult gamer I myself do support the notion of having an R18+ Classification rating I will try to present the argument in a manner as objective as possible.


Currently, the highest possible rating for a game is MA15+, which restricts titles to a maximum rating of restricted to 15 and up. What this means for developers is that if they wish to have a game distributed in Australia is must adhere to or fall below this rating.


If a game is dubbed more suitable for audiences 18 and up, the game will be refused classification and cannot be sold in Australia.


Till now developers have had to alter the content of their games to pass the Australian classification system and have their games released here. But the slight alteration of content and/or appearance of more violent games so that they can pass off as M15+ games does not mean that the game is suitable for a M15+ audience.


Developers have created the games for specific audiences, and just because it’s been tailored to filter through the Australian system does not necessarily make it suitable.


Furthermore, the current classification system groups gamers into two age groups – those under fifteen years of age, and those over. The National Classification Code states


Adults should be able to read, hear and see what they want


Without an R18 rating for video games adults are no more entitled to choose the entertainment they want. It is time to acknowledge the existence of mature aged gamers.

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