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I’m talking about the term, of course.


Whilst females in the gaming sector are a rare thing (and I am of course, speaking of the hardcore audience) it is not unheard of. But why are they singled out? In my humble opinion, the phrase ‘female gamers’ should not exist. There is no ‘male gamers’; there is just ‘gamers’.


So why do we distinguish female gamers from gamers? In the realm of gaming are they not the same thing?


Look at the difference!


Said gamers of the female variety often find themselves under the spotlight for the sole fact that they are of the female gender. Sure, pwnage skill and level of geekiness apply but the main reason is that it is a she.


And I’ve found in my experience that most girls do receive attention in game – whether they want it or not. Logging on with names such as “~*Jessica*~”, “princess pink” or other forms of obviously associated feminine titles, just to name a few that I’ve encountered. Some of them even go as far as using what can only be assumed to be a photo of themselves as a display picture.


So why do they do it?


I have long been pondering the motives for such actions. The first thought was the most obvious one – some of them (and here I stress some, possibly not all) revel in the attention they receive from males.


The other is not so obvious and up for debate pretty much since the emergence of fan service. That is, gaming is supposedly something that does not discriminate against sexes. That is a lie.


Everybody automatically assumes online that the person shooting zombies is male. That the blood elf priest healing you is male. You automatically assume your opponents are like you, male. You address them in a similar way you would a mate, sometimes dropping the inappropriate but funny comment. You assume so until you stand corrected.


And for a person who must constantly correct others that they are not a bloke it must get tiring. So to save the trouble they let it be known that they are in fact a female from the very beginning. Yes female gamers do exist. Yes they are less often encountered in the hardcore scene. And yes, they probably get sick of being mistaken for a man.


But I honestly believe that there is no such need for a term to exist. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for gender equality and whatnot, but there simply is no reason to draw females unnecessarily out into the spotlight for the sole reason that they are females. Or to look upon them as objects of desire, every nerd’s dream – the ‘female gamer’. Not to mention witnessing the constant harassment is annoying.


By drawing attention to the title ‘female’ in ‘female gamer’ there is an implication that somehow female gamers are different to males. What difference could there possibly be? That they suck? That they are somehow hampered in their ability to kick ass?


I don’t understand. It is extremely annoying when a female gamer of average skill level is featured in some spotlight, whereas a male at the same level would not have been noticed AT ALL.



Comments on: "Why “female gamers” should not exist" (5)

  1. […] We’ve all seen the lists for females. But this is somewhat less common; although I cannot imagine as to why that is the case. And here at Forever Gamie, I prefer the road less […]

  2. Hi Nariko, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    That’s really sad to hear. For female gamers, people seem to adopt a “guilty until proven innocent” type outlook. I won’t deny that I don’t do it at all, but I do try to give people a chance.

    As for ‘real’ gamers being unattractive… that is unbelievable. Not only does the question insult you, but also themselves. I mean they just essentially called themselves ugly right?

    Keep on fightin’ the stereotypes!

  3. Totally right.

    I’m female, a gamer from way back AND I work at EB games.

    Sure gaming is probably always going to be male populated industry but this doesnt give people the right stereotype a girl specifically as a “female gamer” like its something less?


    You wouldnt believe how much I’m constantly laughed at by other girls who are sexist against their own sex when it comes to relating to gaming. Some giggle and say ” you dont actually play games do you” or my favourite ” omg i bet you get all the nerdy little dweebs who play games in here ”

    Oh and dont EVEN get me started on the

    ” I have a question, is someone else around? you’re way to attractive to be a REAL gamer ”

    Like Excuse me?
    So now being a gamer makes you unattractive?

  4. Matteh,

    I agree with you on most points, but we must tread carefully in assuming that all males are shy nerds who rarely encounter girls in real life. Although I whole heartedly support the notion that men will “obsess” (for lack of better term) over women whether it be online or in real life.

    As for the all girl clans, perhaps some of the members join because they feel as though they are less likely to be harassed/hit on amongst their fellow females. I would do the same.

  5. I agree, however the group of girls who want attention are obviously the most noticeable, a little while on Google and you can straight away find clans that are “girls gamer only”.

    What you have to remember though is that guys always obsess over females regardless of if its in a game or in real life, you notice it more in games because the men who are normally too shy become anonymous in game and therefore feel they can say whatever they want with no repercussion.

    Not to mention a lot of the people who spend every hour of their life in a game don’t usually have any interactions with females outside of their own family so a “female gamer” excites them.

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