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How do you go about defining who is a natural pro and who is a nub? I’m not necessarily talking about people who have a 90% headshot rate in Source, nor am I talking about the player who has level 99 chars in Final Fantasy VII, or the epically geared level 80 druid.


I’m talking about what makes a natural gamer good at what they do, and how I would go about defining this.


The n00b/pr0 chart.


A natural pro is somebody who can pick up a completely new game and be competitively good at it in about a week’s time – maybe even less.


A natural pro is not necessarily somebody who has logged 800 hours into an FPS and has become decent. Of course you should be quite decent by then. If you’ve invested that ungodly amount of time into something you should be the best. Otherwise you should be embarrassed.


I’m talking about the naturals. Of course, this also is combined with experience for a multitude of games. If you’re a good shot you’re likely to do well migrating from say, Day of Defeat to Modern Warfare. You know how to anticipate, what to expect.


The same could also apply to frequenters of MMORPG’s. I find these people are the best at storing information. Finding out the fastest way to ascend the ladder of players. I have a few friends who are better then MMO’s then others. “How?” you ask “Players who are good obviously invest more time in these games”. And that is partially true. But there is a little more.


One particular friend who comes to mind quickly finds out the fastest way to level then surpasses us all. I blink and he’s double mine. Everytime we migrate to a new MMO he would be the one I turn to. “How do I…” and “Where do I…” and “What is…” were commonly directed at him (his subsequent nickname was ‘FAQ’).


Quickness to adapt, to know what to expect, to draw upon knowledge of existing games. Let’s face it; there is no game which is so new, so ground breaking, so out there that there is no other game which resembles absolutely nothing to it. No game comes out today which is like that.


Conversely, a crap gamer is a person who continually plays a game and never improves (see above chart). Hopefully this has cleared some confusion surrounding the ‘pros vs noobs’ debate.


I wish to class myself as the former.



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