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Staying home on the almost long weekend? Not quite making it to the beach or barbie?  Squeezing in some extra game time on your day off?

No problem! Let forevergamie show you that there are more ways to display your patriotism.


# 1 – Spray Tags

Aussie Aussie Aussie!


The most obvious image to paint around is that of the Aussie flag. Paint it absolutely everywhere! Here’s one I prepared earlier. Feel free to use.


# 2 – Clan Tags and Gamer Tags


Change your name to really reflect your blind patriotism! Names like “Kevin Rudd”, “Go Aussie Go” are completely acceptable. Screaming “Where the bloody hell are ya?!” whilst running around in TF2 is also a good idea.


# 3 – Playing the Aussie Anthem


On Ventrilo? Teamspeak? Show your clanmates just how proud you are by streaming a version of the Australian Anthem. Sing along and encourage fellow Australians to do so if you like. Remember, you can never be too loud on the  internet.


Hope you all have a very awesome Australia Day!


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