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Does he not remind you of Sam Worthington from 'Avatar'?


Pitched as their most “ACTION PACKED LAUNCH EVER!!” EBGames is having an event to celebrate the release of Mass Effect 2.



It’s to be held at EB Games Sydney in the George Street store. Here is a list of what is promised –


  • Be one of the first in Australia to get a copy of ME2
  • Complimentary Souvenir Photo. You’re picture is taken in front of a green screen then “Superimposed” into a screenie from the game
  • If you buy a copy you can enter the comp telling them in 30 words or less why you’d save humanity and possibly win a 360 elite pack
  • Win 1 of 60 ME2 autographed by the development team
  • Food. (“Green alien donut” and a can of V)
  • Wallpaper and ringtone for your phone
  • In store DJ all morning


Wow. I’m very tempted to go. Too bad I have work far, far away from the city.


Date is set for this Thursday, 28th Jan from 7AM to 10AM.


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