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One of the gaming shirts in my posession.


I was on the bus today when a guy came on wearing the World of Warcraft T-shirt.


I couldn’t help but stare at the Blizzard Logo emblazoned on his back. I also had half the mind to go up to him and make some conversation, being an ex-Wow player myself.


But I didn’t. He sat in front of me, coolly listening to his mp3 as the bus drove onwards. I wish I had that sort of bravado. Whilst I am the proud owner of a couple of geeky t-shirts I very rarely wear them out in public.


The only times I really do publicly wear my geeky apparel is to Game Conferences. Or to a friend’s place.


As such when I do see people sporting game-referenced t-shirts in public I do think they are the ultimate cool.


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