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Acronyms in Games

In the age of the internet and computers, acronyms are used to provide gamers with faster typing and better communication in the least amount of time.


Besides the obvious ‘brb’ and ‘lol’, there are always new acronyms and shorthand words surfacing.


Here are some of the less commonly known for those who would like to keep up.


GLHFNR – Good Luck Have Fun No Rage. Sometimes written as just GLHF. The ‘no rage’ part applies to people who get angry in games; we know ’em as ‘ragers’.

LoL – Not ‘laugh out loud’, but sometimes used as an abbreviation for the dota-based game ‘League of Legends’.

IRL – In Real Life. e.g. “I have friends irl” This one’s been around for a while now.

lawl – Variation of ‘Laugh out Loud’. Supposedly, the logic lies in that it’s like the accented cowboy drawl of “lol”.

care – Shortened version of ‘careful’. e.g. “Care, top’s missing”


Feel free to add any suggestions!



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