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Posting from Taiwan

So it’s been over ten years since I’ve set foot on a plane. Things sure have changed.


I still can’t believe there are individual screens in front of each person, with a remote that when flipped doubles as a controller for games. This remote/controller is also equipped with a swipe for credit cards. Purchases to be made on the plane, I presume.


Unfortunately when I tried to load this RPG looking arcade game (being the nerd I am, trying to kill time on a 9 hour flight with RPG goodness) the entire thing froze on me. This was half an hour into the flight. It stayed frozen the rest of the flight. Fortunately there were enough empty seats for me to move to a working screen.


Despite the crappy weather that’s been plaguing Taiwan since my arrival I am thoroughly enjoying myself here. The whole thing about Taiwan not having internet download limits was true. “Such a thing is an outdated remnant of the past,” I am told. I feel like a primitive ape; fresh and awed by the technology here.


Photos to come when I return!


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