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This one’s more game’ish, I promise.




A petrol station named NPC. I couldn’t resist. You can’t see it in the photo but there’s a huge statue of what appeared to be a blue potato man standing out front as a mascot.


It's not what you think.


It’s a 6mm pellet BB Gun. How badly I wanted to buy one of these babies and bring it home with me. It even comes with the bayonet!! Unfortunately, last I heard BB Guns were not allowed into Australia (can somebody clarify this?).


AK47 imitation.


Full view of the model. In true FPS fashion, I spotted the AK from afar.


House of the Dead 2


Despite my frantic searching, I could not locate an arcade in Taiwan equipped with Tekken 6! Although I possess a turbulent love/hate relationship with that game I did wish to try the arcading scene in Taiwan. What I did find was some other games, all for a much cheaper price. The above game, House of the Dead 2, required NT$10 to play which translates roughly to AU$0.34 per play.


I don't really think this picture needs a caption.


I believe that all hardcore gamers were at one point in their lives WoW players. This is fact. This cannot be denied. So when I saw this poster hung up on a Seven Eleven store I had to snap it. This would not be seen at 7-11 here. Ever.


So now I’m back in the land down under and everywhere I look there seems to be a lack of a gamer’s presence. There are no posters of Arthas hanging around, no MMO advertisements, no cheap arcading. But nothing beats the feeling of coming home.

Comments on: "A Gamie Look at Taiwan – Part Two" (1)

  1. Matteh said:

    The only game billboards Ive seen in Aus is the Halo 2 one at kings cross which replaced the coke one.

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