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We’ve all seen the lists for females. But this is somewhat less common; although I cannot imagine as to why that is the case. And here at Forever Gamie, I prefer the road less taken.


Besides, isn’t it about time we show some guy love?.



Younger version.


Varian Wrynn

World of Warcraft


Also known as the current King of Stormwind, Varian has made appearances for Wow’s in-game cutscenes. Players saw him take on Garrosh Hellscream without hesitation. A seasoned fighter, Varian fought as an enslaved gladiator when he was suffering a bout of amnesia. Now he has returned to his former glory as king and is ready to kill. Who can resist those rugged good looks?


Current picture, thanks to Wowwiki.





The power of GATSBY.


Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy VII and other associated Final Fantasy VII titles


I really tried to avoid this one, mainly because he appears in every single “top ten” list for what seems like an endless array of topics – best hair, coolest weapon, broodiest character, character with most the angst-ridden history. I suppose it just goes to show just how much of an impression this Cloud character has left on us as gamers. So much that we continue to drink up every bit of Final Fantasy VII service SquareEnix milk out for us.

But is there not something so unforgettable about that spiky blonde hair, that large and penetrating sword, that constantly depressed expression?



Remember kids, drugs are bad for you.




Mysterious macho manly man marches meaningfully.


Point Man

F.E.A.R titles


A man who can deal with psychotic people eaters, creepy little girls who enjoy scaring the daylights out of people for kicks and gun down an endless army of identical clones (“But I just killed you!”) is a real man . Even better if there is an air of mystery about him – chicks dig that. With the Point Man, everything is a mystery. Nobody knows what he truly looks like, what his name is, who he actually is. All we know that he is one tough badass. Oh, and he has  superhuman reflexes which is always a bonus.



Just look at my pre-rendered biceps!


Leon S. Kennedy

Resident Evil Series


Ex-cop Leon Kennedy has fought off the zombie invasion and the evil umbrella corporation time and time again. And he does it with great looking hair and composure. Always to the point without being too over the top, Leon is definitely a keeper. This cool dude is tipped to return as protagonist in the next Resident Evil title (Source).


Seifer Almasy

Final Fantasy VIII

I believe that deep down inside, there is something inside every woman that digs the bad boy. In the Final Fantasy Universe, Seifer is as bad as they come. He tries to steal the protagonist’s girlfriend, joins the dark side and carries a gun-sword hybrid weapon (the ‘gunblade’) which he uses to permanently scar the main character during “training”. What a bad ass.


Official portrait art.



Got any suggestions of your own? Agree, disagree? Let it out!


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