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Let’s face it – sometimes, you are just not in the mood to read a three page review.


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The Game

There are enough Alien/s Versus Predator games to warrant confusion. The storyline does not pick up off anywhere. Let’s make it easier and put it this way – the latest installment is called Aliens versus Predator and is made by the same people who made the really epic one for PC back in 1999. But does it stand up to the high standards set by its predecessor?


It looks…

Superbly detailed. Aliens have never looked prettier. Those who aren’t squeamish will enjoy the detailed gore and new ways of collecting heads for the predator’s hunt. Environments range from rainforests to dusty-wind swept planets. The main gripe I had was recovering from being melee’d as the camera tilt coupled with flashing lights can be a bit disorienting.


It sounds…

Like a classic. Rebellion made a smart move and brought back the memorable sounds of the past. The reminiscent alien shriek, the blip of the marine’s radar, the grunt of the predator is enough to send veterans into nostalgic bliss.


It plays…

Very much like what you’d expect from an Alien versus Predator title. There really isn’t much innovation here but that’s just part of the fun. Veteran players will enjoy the trip down memory lane, even if it is a short lived trip. Experienced FPS’ers will average 10-15 hours on this game before seeking challenge in multiplayer. AI is laughable, especially in the case of the easily lured marines.


It lasts…

Not long. With such a short single player mode you’d think multiplayer is where this game would shine. It doesn’t. Dedicated servers still claim to be in beta, apparently a reason to be excused of bugs. As it currently stands the servers are largely empty and the whole experience is unsatisfying. There are a few new modes to mix things up besides the usual deathmatch and team deathmatch, although online play is something definitely made more enjoyable with friends.


Final notes

The amount of money you spend in ratio to the amount of playtime you can get outta this baby is questionable. Perhaps future patches will give AvP a multiplayer mode that’s worthy of an overnight session but I just can’t see that happening. Nevertheless, it’s a game I would pick up as a rabid fan of the series, even if it is just to revisit happier times.

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