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I’m pretty sure all gamers have encountered this dilemma at some point. Things are heating up in an online game, and then it happens.


Your stomach growls.


You check the time and realise it’s been 5 hours since your last meal – food is long overdue. At the same time, your raid/match/clan battle is about to begin.


Back in my dark days of Ragnarok online (see this post on how I lost weight playing that game), eating in front of the computer was the norm. I’ve used the same keyboard for the past eight years and that coupled with the habit of snacking at my PC has led to a heap of accumulated grime. Allow me to illustrate with a picture of my keyboard.


Don't be fooled by it's innocent exterior.


“Oh, thats not so bad!” You think. Allow me to follow up with another picture of my keyboard, this time with a few keys removed.


Click to enlarge if you dare.


Yup, I think I just lost my appetite. I remember once telling my colleagues that my keyboard housed an estimated half-centimeter deep worth of filth in it. They exploded with disgust.


It’s not uncommon for me to be typing happily then suddenly my spacebar/enter key/left shift/v/m/n/t/s stops working. Oh, and F12 left me a very long time ago.


THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!


Onscreen keyboard makes a good substitute till I can muster up the courage to part with this one. I love it too much. But even knowing that it is insectopia come summer time doesn’t stop me from eating at my PC. I think its one of them guilty pleasures I will never be rid of.

Comments on: "Eating and Gaming AT THE SAME TIME." (1)

  1. why don’t you clean your keyboard? I go crazy (when I can be bothered) and take all the keys off to clean the stuff underneath XD

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