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The first of the two big names I managed to snag for a few quick questions was Seamus Byrne, who’s credits listed include “APC, Atomic MPC, Australian Macworld, Desktop, Hyper, Rolling Stone, The Sydney Morning Herald, Time Out Sydney as well as online at Gizmodo Australia and Kotaku Australia.” (Source)


Seamus Byrne presenting on Byteside.

Seamus Byrne

Currently playing?

Well I just bought God of War 3 yesterday, but I will probably be playing that a lot this week. Heavy Rain. Mario Kart, as my four year old son has just discovered the Wii.

Favourite console/platform at the moment?

I’d have to say XBOX360, although I think the PS3 will take over in the coming months. The PS3 is finally starting to deliver the goods.

Do you think Australia representation in competitive gaming will get anywhere in the next 5-10 years?


I went to two international events (WCG) with the Aussie teams. They were fifteen months apart. In those fifteen months the Australia players became more accustomed and overcame the distance – they learnt fast. I could see how they’re improved over the 15 months.


The second interview I conducted, currently a contributor to PC Powerplay, Co-creator of ABC’s Good Game…

Jeremy ‘Junglist’ Ray

Left to right: Patrick Kolan, Jeremy Ray, Glen Forrester

(Excuse the blurriness of the photo, I was messing around with ISO settings at the time.)

Currently playing?

R.U.S.E. – I’m trying to do an analysis of it from a competitive perspective and introduce a more competitive gaming focus to PC Powerplay.

Favourite console/platform at the moment?

Oh you’re going to get me in trouble for saying this! [CENSORED] (laughs)

Me: You can say PC if you like.

Okay, then PC.

Do you think Australia representation in competitive gaming will get anywhere in the next 5-10 years?

It already has. I mean, there are shoutcasting areas, tournaments being filmed, and a lot of groundbreaking stuff happening. It is uncommon but people are still doing it – GameStop, people like Michael Woods.

There are ways to get people who aren’t competitive gamers interested, like commentators who can describe things in a way that would be interesting and make sense to non-gamers, having tournaments played on large screens where people can just walk past and watch if they’re interested.

Many thanks to both guys who were very gracious about my accosting them with questions on the spot. You guys rock!


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  1. If you did some research I think you’d actually find that Jeremy is not a co-creator of Good Game, he was purely the host. Janet Carr was the sole creator of Good Game. Does anyone know if Jung is playing Bad Company 2?

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