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Credits: Official parliament profile.


I realise this is really old news by now but I had to compile my research properly before making a post (and any subsequent judgements).


Since I’m a euphemist I’ll just be overjoyed and declare happily that since his election to the position of Attorney-General in 1989 (Source), Michael Atkinson has finally caved in and resigned.


Although the gamer side of me is pretty happy, I have to admit that I share a biased viewpoint with what feels like all the rest of the community. Hell, after researching the guy and reading about all the other things he’s done, I almost feel guilty. Damn politics.


We know him primarily for his opposition to the R18 Games rating, but do we know about all the other things he’s done? How his governing focus was on Victim’s Rights, and more serious punishment for law breakers who were repeat offenders?


Or how he advocated the introduction of laws to combat new cybercrimes and computer offences? “Anti-hoon laws”? Combating bikie gangs? (Source)


Hopefully the next representative will bring more to the table.


Credits to Kotaku for this one.


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