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The website itself.


Thanks to Toshin for hitting me up with this one.


Cashing in on the female race in the games industry is not in any way unprecedented (e.g. Fragdolls). But this is taking it to a whole new level. Behold – a website where you can sign up, talk to gamer chicks, and pay to play a few rounds with them. This is GameCrush.


GameCrush is a new project that offers gamers the chance to talk to females who play games, and if they want to fork out USD$6.60, ten minutes of game time with them. Gamers can register for free and chat to the girls they’re interested in before deciding if they want to play with them. The girls have profiles with pictures and details that players can peruse as they please.


Apparently the site has had such an overwhelming response, it had to be temporarily shut down as new servers were implemented.


Gotta love that logo.


I’m not sure what to say about this. Still, you can’t ignore that oh-so-clever tagline, “GameCrush: Be a Player”



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