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Click here for the trailer. It’s on the bottom left.

How EPIC does this look?

I love that the Secret World has a modern day setting. No elves or orcs, leather armor, just guns and normal clothes. Normal (almost) scenery. Why is it that this hasn’t been successfully executed before?

An interesting slew of NPC's.

Since he is a recurring figure in the trailer, I'm going to hazard a guess that the guy in the vest is a player's character.

Combat is fascinating. I’m not sure about the in-game cutscenes though; if the trailer is any indication, it looks more like an RPG style (or say, Resident Evil) where the NPC’s deliver their lines within panned out camera angles. How will this effect the player in game? What if somebody’s trying to talk to you at the same time?


Shiny magic wielding chick.

I can’t describe how much the trailer made me wet myself so believe me when I say this – just go and watch it.

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