hello, I'm Zorine Te. I work hard to quietly deliver the best content in video games.

I have a love/hate relationship with Tekken 6. This is especially the case in arcades.

So our fortnightly-slash-monthly Tekken tournament was held on the 2nd of April at the home of the Sydney Tekken scene – Good Games.

saiyuk, Liger 7

My partner failed to show up on the night (Handbag where were you?!) so I was paired on the night with Morninglord who made an awesome teammate!

Zhan's face is priceless.

The results (courtesy of Liger 7):

1) Mario Brothers: MMT, Igee
2) St. Peter: St. George, CroCop
3) Zegshual Potential: Lazy Dave, Zhan
4) I don’t care: Hooligan, Draelor
5) Indonesia: Gerry, Andy
5) Jacky: Handsomeboy
7) Wynners: gwaylow, baronsaxus
7) Youssef is gay: Roo, kevinsta
9) HarliLord: Harli, Morninglord
9) 15: saiyuk, Yallah
9) Sleazy Ds: D1, D2
9) Make Youssef our BITCH: Snoozer, Filthy Harry

Stupid random game.

Thanks to Liger 7 for making it happen as always, you rock. Grats to MMT and Igee for winning as well as knocking us out. Too solid. Handsomeboy playing with himself was funny. Thank you to aniimefr3ak for teaching me how to play Bleach HoS6.


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