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Although I’m not a huge Street Fighter fan (3rd Strike was and always will be my favourite) I won’t deny that it’s a good game. This year Australia has a chance to get into the world’s Street Fighter scene through the announcement of the Sydney EVO APAC 2010, to be held at the University of Technology Sydney.


Registrations have opened for with the grand prize being a flight to the Evolution Championship Series, colloquially known as EVO. Please note that this is for SFIV only. Although the website says “Featuring Tekken 6 and Tatsunoko VS Capcom” I really think it should be the other way around – Tekken 6 is just an addon for numbers. Australian Tekkener’s don’t get a spot in anything this year (although my fingers stay crossed for SBO) and if anything, Tekken has always felt more like a tagged on thing to the usual OHN.


I first attended OHN in 2006 and even then it felt more like SF held the spotlight. Tekken was in it’s sad derelict little corner…


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