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New Steam Interface

I don’t like change.

I mean, I’m all for it politically and all that jazz, but when it comes to my programs… no. It’s like facebook. Whenever they change the layout everyone kicks up a storm of protest. Then the dust settles, they accept that they won’t have the old one back, they move on.

See, I have this theory. That humans are automatically resistant to change. It’s in our origins. We simply don’t adapt to our environment; we make it adapt to suit us. Hence we are resisting change.


So Steam has taken to upgrading it’s interface. I had been long aware of this but stubbornly avoided trying out the Beta. Until now, when I logged into Steam and watched as the update forced itself.



It didn’t feel too bad.



Most of the basic elements remained the same, though I still wish there was a large shortcut button to my friends list.



I like what they’ve done to the games list too, art in background and all.

So maybe I’ve been whining about nothing after all. The new interface really isn’t all too bad. I’ll come to terms with it soon.

After all, change is supposed to be inevitable, isn’t it?

Comments on: "New Steam Interface" (2)

  1. There is a giant “View Friends” button with your picture in it and showing how many friends are online permanently in the bottom right hand corner. I think that is probably what your looking for

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