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Let’s face it – sometimes, you are just not in the mood to read a three page review.

Look as we promote obesity!


The Game…

Fat Princess first came out in the playstation network store. I would best describe it as an RTS with the slightest hint of RPG – you have a base, an army, a single unit which you control, and you duke it out in a capture-the-flag style game.

Its quaint charm captured me as much as it originally did on the Playstation 3. I’m still playing through it but so far I’ve yet to encounter any significant differences on the PSP version.


It looks…

The cute, cartoon-like graphics play an influencing factor in Fat Princess’ charm. It looks simple and clean cut with a polished finish. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the game’s appearance makes it more suited to the playstation portable then it does to it’s unportable cousin. And there’s something about the appearance of the obese princesses that ensures this title won’t be forgotten any time soon…


It sounds…

What good would it be if you had a cute looking game without a cute soundtrack to match? The cries of fallen fighters on the field are surely laugh worthy. The music plays fittingly with the princess/castle/medieval theme. The narration of the storyline is neither annoying or out of place – it is executed well.

After playing I always possess a strong urge to consume cake. Lots of cake.


It plays…

Being based on the core game of capture the flag doesn’t make Fat Princess any less fun. In fact, it’s the familiarity of play style that works to its strengths. The game is straightforward but allows more hardcore players to employ deeper strategies. All in all, it’s a lot of innocent fun.


It lasts…

Okay, so it looks pretty interesting and sounds good to match – but how does its game life measure up? Let’s be honest here and ask the key question; how often do you get to take your PSP online/on the WLAN and play against other people? After all, AI can only last so long once you’ve completed the story.

There’s your answer.

Although much of what keeps bringing me back to the game is what keeps bringing me back to the PSP in general – a quick round of so-and-so before I go to bed, or whilst I am on a short busride.


Final notes

Quick and cute, Fat Princess offers a rapid fix of gaming on your PSP without needing much investment. It looks fantastic, sounds great and is a game I feel is more suited to a portable console.

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