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Image credits: Hyper


Last week I happened to randomly pick up a copy of the 200th issue of Australian Gaming Magazine Hyper. In it, editor Daniel Wilks announced his departure from the magazine. To where exactly? He kind of neglected to say. Not that it effects me personally as a gamer much – I don’t even buy Hyper regularly.


Still, I’m curious as to who will join next. I know it’s a long shot, but my fingers are really crossed for Eliot Fish to return. That is, if he’s not too busy being senior producer of Good Game. Which means it’s highly unlikely he will. Sigh. And he was such a nice fellow when I met him last Christmas.


The 200th issue, I noticed, also profiled some of Australia’s Street Fighter IV players. I laughed when I saw my friends in the magazine. Laughed in a sort of half-arsed, green-eyed monster sort of way. Because TEKKEN WILL NEVER GET THAT KIND OF PROFILING. Such a shit game.


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