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Game devs in Sydney? Please. As if Australia’s Industry isn’t a straggling, dying child already. My baby. The one that was never born.


For the most part, Sydney is a nice place to live in. For a gamer it’s nothing special – we pay the same absurd amount for game as the rest of Australia, don’t have much in the way of niche game shops and our arcades would make Japan guffaw.


For game developers, its a whole lot worse. Is there a reason why Australia’s better known developers aren’t in Sydney?


Lets look at some facts. Sydney boasts to be the center of Australia’s film and TV industry (supposedly). This industry requires artists, actors, journalists, editors, the list goes on. Hmm, some of those resources are also needed in game development. Oh, hold on…


So, is it perhaps because of a lot of the resources required for game development are instead diverted to film and television? Or is it the rental costs in Sydney offices? Or something completely unrelated? Surely, Sydney does not lack skilled workers.


I speculate because as a part of the indie game project myself, it’s increasingly frustrating. I’ve spoken to colleagues over the whole lack of a scene and lack of action as well, and one particularly had some interesting things to say.


Me: Whats your impression of the current Sydney game dev scene?

Him: Not that great. I mean, there is some involvement – like AFTRS trying to improve things generally, so there are some efforts being made. But I have a very jaded view of the Sydney scene.

Me: Agreed.

High five!


At least us developers share their hatred of the current state of things in common.


For those wondering about the EA offices in Pyrmont and Activision building in Epping, they are not developer studios but serve as marketing and/or distribution offices. And Bigworld based in Glebe is exclusively for development.


Comments on: "(Lack of) Indie Game Developers in Sydney?" (5)

  1. hell-o!

    I´m bookmarking this blog of yours, I run a game development studio in an unorthodox way, and will be moving to Australia (Sydney) next month, so the info you pump out will be great resources =)

    • Hi OddGoo! What a delicious name you have.

      Thanks for stopping by! I never really thought of my little space here as resourceful, but I do try to be unorthodox. I’m interested to hear about your game dev studio though!

      • Well I’ve done mainly per-contract work and sponsored flash games in the past, but hey! We won an award at the Tokyo Game Show 2008 and the GDC, the webpage is under construction but you can see some stuff at: http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/oddgoo (under games by oddgoo); tho the the ones in development are much better! /wishful thinking

        As a side note, I am a Mexican coming to UTS as an exchange student, I was currently looking at the EGG (Electronic Gamers Guild) as an starting point for my gaming needs =P.

        But really, nothing would make me more happy than contributing to whatever is going in the dev scene, so if there´s any way you can see me helping with anything, do say so!

  2. Hello Jason!

    Yeah, I particularly liked Sydney IGDA’s Gamejam event. ’twas a lot of fun and was a great way for dev’s to come together, get the scene going.

  3. i know eh.. i wish it was a lot more vibrate like the queensland or melbourne scene. the nsw goverment not giving grants for game develops plays a big part of the reason why. but im glade to see some efforts being made especially the sydney branch of idga.

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