hello, I'm Zorine Te. I work hard to quietly deliver the best content in video games.

I’m sick. I have tonsilitis, which made me feel like face stabbing people (namely my old supervisor) yesterday. Thankfully I’m in a better mood today.


So I think it speaks in volumes for itself that I was up a little later then usual last night, training for the Sydney Gamers League. I don’t want to let my team down. That is how much I love you guys. I don’t even post about this kind of useless rubbish, but here I am, publicly declaring my love.


Sore throat? Nothing. Runny nose? Psh. Hacking cough? Ha. I turn it into a laugh.


We shall dominate on Sunday! And if not, I shall infect everybody with my throat infection instead!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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