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I think the signs were confused. It was first called 'Sydney Gaming League'...


It was the first time I’d ever been to a LAN comp, and oh boy was it fun!

I had somehow managed to convince my team to give up a lazy Sunday morning in favour of getting up early, lugging their computers all the way to Macquarie University and entering the Team Fortress 2 competition, which I thought we had a decent shot at.


... and then it was called 'Sydney Gamers League'!


They agreed.

So we rocked up at 9AM on Sunday at the Sydney Gamers League. To my knowledge this is the second one that’s ever been held. It’s hosted at Macquarie University and caters to approximately 400 people max. There are nice prizes on offer, plenty of freebies, toilets close by, good staff to help you out when you’re stuck – what more could you ask for?

Well, just a more smoothly run TF2 tournament. I mean, we turned up just to enter TF2 and still paid full entry fee only to be disappointed by how all over the place everything was. We shall be better prepared next time, and I’m assuming SGL will too.


Stage with a 3D Gaming Setup for all to test.

There were also some cool side events like ‘Hard Drive Toss’, which had humorous results. Throwing a hard drive into a tower has never been more therapeutic.

Overhead shot. We turned up on Day 2, which was apparently when most of the contestants had already left.


Overall I had an awesome time and learning experience. Looking forward to attending the next one – and now I have time to train too.

I’d also like to thank SGL for my free copies of Hyper magazine and PC Powerplay. Rockin’!

Comments on: "Competing in Sydney Gamers League 2.0" (4)

  1. wow, i can’t believe SGL is still running!


    • HI John- I mean JT!!

      Really? I got the impression it hasn’t been on for that long. I think it recently got bought out by some new fellaz.

  2. I see Phil. I think.

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