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Let’s face it – sometimes, you are just not in the mood to read a three page review.

Look, I just want to look at some bloody pictures. So no thanks.

The Game…

Alan Wake is a thriller game – a nice blend of adventure and third person shooter. The mystery is enough to keep you deeply absorbed…

It looks…

Let’s be honest here – the 360 console was released 5 years ago. So don’t go expecting Final Fantasy style graphics here. Even so, the level design is beautifully detailed and the environments left me oddly yearning for a countryside holiday. Character design is realistic and the distinction between what’s safe and what’s not is made obvious through well made design choices.

I have to mention one pet hate of mine though – a serious scene can be completely ruined when the player is too busy trying to stifle a laugh from mismatched lip-syncing.

It sounds…

Like a movie. Imagine this voice over: “Previously, on Alan Wake…” played over scenes of drama, romance, angst, and an epic score. The mood setting is absolutely perfect, and music is artfully chosen to intensify suspenseful moments of the game. I was gripping the controller quite hard.

It plays…

One thing I loved about Alan Wake was its effort to be innovative – something that really shines through as its game. Unusually enough, the storyline follows some characteristics which would be conventional in a novel, but that’s just what makes it so pleasing. I really, really wanted to play through the entire game in one sitting when I started – the story had pulled me in that deep, and had been that suspenseful.

It lasts…

There are a few things strewn throughout the game to indulge the collector side of a player – especially those who like to collect every last item, unlock every single secret, and pick up all the easter eggs. Piecing together the story is half the fun.

Final notes

With detailed level design, in-depth characters, innovative gameplay and a slew of cultural references to other writers, Alan Wake was definitely a treat. You won’t know what to expect.

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