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Hello, Android

I am very, very excited right now.

Even as I write this I tremble with excitement.


The reason for my jitteriness? That adorable little green robot. Well okay, not the robot itself, but what it mascots for. Android.

For those who aren’t so in the know and tech-geek (i.e. normal people) Android is an operating system for mobile phones. Bought by Google back in ’05, this baby has been growing in leaps and bounds and in most likeliness, scaring the lights out of its fruitier competitor.

I am excited right now because as of three days ago, Android released it’s free App Inventor. Sure, it’s web-based, sure it isn’t shy about its obvious “COME, JOIN GOOGLE NOW” message but I strongly feel that it’s a step in the right direction to free all manner of wonderful tech creations. I adore that it’s targeted at beginner level programmers. I love that Android is so open source, as opposed to aforementioned “fruity competitor’s” OS.

I love anything that’s open-source, in other words.

So what does this have to do with gaming? It actually goes further up the tree, beyond the ‘player’ market, and more into the ‘dev’ market, which I am more interested in. Keep your eyes out fellow Android lovers! The possibilities are endless.


Comments on: "Hello, Android" (2)

  1. I’ve got the HTC Desire 🙂

    Android 2.2 is amazing!

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