hello, I'm Zorine Te. I work hard to quietly deliver the best content in video games.

We weren't the first to arrive slightly early, as a few fans had already assembled and were waiting patiently for midnight to strike.

Here’s something I drafted up whilst I was at the ever imminent midnight launch for SC2. I felt that the excitement was something in the moment; something I needed to channel into an entry right away. So this is what I came up with:

I am at the Starcraft 2 midnight launch right now. I’m sort of tired and sleepy, but the excitement in the air around is unmistakeable. I estimate approximately 50 people around me waiting.



The crowd all of a sudden moved as one, and the excitement reached a fever pitch. Picture a bunch of Starcraft fanatics doing a real life zergling rush! Actually, I’d rather not.

Midnight struck, and the crowd proceeded in an orderly fashion. I’m kinda disappointed nobody cosplayed though!

The game was sold in a calm fashion. Any hopes I had of meeting crazy fans were quickly crushed. We collected our loot quickly and went on our merry way. I stifled a yawn and went home.

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