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The Game…

Alien Swarm – the latest mod-turned-standalone-game from Valve, who once again prove that they know their shit. A science fiction themed top down third-person shooter set on a narrative that reads like it’s from a typical alien themed movie; not that this is a bad thing.

I don’t think I need to say much more other then that IT’S FREE! COMPLETELY FREE! DOWNLOAD FROM STEAM FOR FREE!!

It looks…

Built from the source engine, the game isn’t really jaw-droppingly pretty but still evokes a good atmosphere. Aliens look like the mutated organisms they’re supposed to be, us humans look, well, clunky in combat armour and the first (and only) campaign fits the description of a space station as so evoked from the many sci-fi novels I’ve read.

The font leaves a little something to be desired though. It’s really a shame because everything else fits into the theme so well.

There were also moments when my team was quite literally left in the dark. It was more frustrating then suspenseful. I am aware that this problem can be solved through flares and/or flashlights, but still…

"Watching an alien blow up produces a certain pleasure..."

It sounds…

I really have to give credit to the voice actors in this game. They did a good job at portraying their said characters. Musical score is also surprisingly fitting (is it possible this is only disguised as a low budget project?) and the alien screeches were very convincing.

It plays…

Combat is relatively straight forward – you can shoot, blow up, or melee the aliens. But its simplicity is what makes it so darn fun. Watching an alien blow up from your intense melee produces a certain pleasure that can be likened to putting a bullet between the eyes of a zombie. The top-down view jazzes up the usual FPS co-op model which has been so popular lately.

Interface is also very user friendly, which I adore in any game; you can pretty much jump straight into a game without needing to learn anything. Prompts pop up when you need them to.

"Interface is also very user friendly"

It lasts…

Although there is probably going to be more downloadable content released in future the current campaign on offer is really short and left me wanting more.

Final notes

It’s an all fun co-op bullet fest. From Valve. It’s free. You have nothing to lose. What are you waiting for?


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