hello, I'm Zorine Te. I work hard to quietly deliver the best content in video games.

This would be the second (or third…) time I have been unwillingly recruited into a game. I would like to think the reason is that I’m really so skilled that my natural pwning prowess is in high demand, but I get a feeling that isn’t quite the case.


Nevertheless, I logged into my email a few days ago and was met with this:

Dear Harli,

Thank you for purchasing a Heroes of Newerth Account.

The rest was kind of drowned out as a single thought flashed through my mind: I’m sorry what?


It was very, very obvious to me who had instigated this sort of happening. The usual suspects. It very muchly so reminded me of the time I received a logged onto Steam –

You’ve received a gift!

…So called ‘gift’ was Team Fortress 2.

Funny that. It was a fair few months till Christmas, my birthday had already passed a while ago, and I don’t have any other celebrations that require presents since I am neither a mother nor father. Which meant I was quite essentially being conscripted. Again.


The first of these happenings I can trace back would be oh, you know, that game which has been so often likened to that of an addictive drug that I don’t even need to make that comparison anymore! When I was quite literally dragged into buying a prepaid time card, and I so begrudgingly handed over the money, and then a ‘free’ account was forced into my hands – ah, those good old days.


So it still happens, and I can very easily see it happening repeatedly over the future. Which leads me to wonder, how many gamers out there are essentially conscripted into the games their friends play? By these so called ‘friends’, no less?

In the end however, I am not complaining. I just find it amusing that I can still be forced into a title after months of “No, I don’t really like it” or “I tried it and it was quite sh- I mean err, shocking” or “LET ME SLEEP”.


I cannot possibly be the only one who is forced to play in this manner, right?



Comments on: "CONSCRIPTION – That is what this is called." (2)

  1. kthxbye said:


    be happy that it wasn’t your money lawl

  2. blackbootybeyoncebum said:


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