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So here I am, duly fulfilling my duty and instigating some clan recruitment for Team Fortress 2. My original advertorial appears as follows on the Sydney Gamer’s League forums:

“Dear potential candidate,

It is that time once again when my clan decides to embark on a treacherous journey, this time known as the Sydney Gamers League 4.0. Being the foolish and danger-loving individuals we are, we simply cannot resist the competition.

We require an individual who possesses skill and experience in a game known as “Team Fortress 2”. Said candidate will ideally be suited to playing either of two team roles – demoman or scout.

Unfortunately we realise this is bit of a stretch so we will just kindly ask for the following traits:

A sense of humour, willingness to take orders without question (even if said orders sometimes don’t make any grammatical sense) and a desire to win, but not too much just in case we lose and crush your feelings. It shouldn’t need to be mentioned that you should know how to navigate your way around a computer. We won’t help you there.

If you are interested please kindly send an email to forevergamie[at]gmail.com or alternatively, post a reply here. One of us will contact you.

Kind regards,

Head of Clan Recruitment
Leader of Clan in general

p.s. You may be contacted by an individual by the name of “Kaizelpher” who is under the delusion that the clan leader is not me. Let me assure you with an iron fist; it is.”

Original post can be found by clicking here.

If interested please hit me up via email (forevergamie [at] gmail.com) or reply to this post here. Thanks!


Comments on: "Clan Recruitment – Sydney Gamer’s League" (2)

  1. “If you were from, where I was from, youd be f*** dead.”

    Count me in for the auditions or whatever you may hold =), tho id appreciate knowing your regular meeting days and such!

    Something about me?’ IM A FORCE-A-NATURE’!
    Now seriously, while Im no expert/extremely experienced player at TF2, I consider myself a well rounded player (been gaming since I was 3, with the Commodore Amiga 500) and I love Tf2 and Id love to practice and get better at it, involving of course teamwork, mindgames, strategical schemes, etc =)

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