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This is a topic that has been heavily debated amongst gamers ever since we realised that the hardcore market actually existed, and we took gaming pretty seriously. Even I have been constantly circling myself on this – how exactly can you define, in words, a hardcore gamer from a casual one?


At least one thing I know for certain, though, and that is hardcore gamers can sniff each other out in an instance and anyone who comes across as ‘casual’ will be dismissed. Posers are struck down without mercy. You can’t fake this kind of definition.


This argument was brought to light one evening whilst I was chatting to my clanmates. We were discussing the gaming habits of a mutual friend, and attempting to define said habits. We couldn’t really call him a casual gamer, and yet we were hesitant to say he was a hardcore gamer too.  It drove us around in circles.


You see, the problem was that he was too hardcore to be casual and too casual to be hardcore. A casual hardcore gamer? A hardcore casual gamer?


Where exactly do you draw the line, and how would you go about defining it? The problem is there is so many exceptions to any rules I could create. And so being the kind of person who needs to have things explained to them visually, I created a table.



If there’s anything there you disagree with, I’d love to hear it.


EDIT: There is one more thing I’d like to add and that is level of competitiveness, or how much you want to win.

Comments on: "Hardcore vs. Casual – The Debate on Definition" (4)

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  2. blackbootybeyoncebum said:

    lol… am I the mutual friend you guys were trying to define?

  3. blackbootybeyoncebum said:

    Lol… am I the mutual friend who you guys were trying to define?

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