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The Game…

Plain sight is pretty much about death matching ninja robots with the player taking a third person view. Although the game is easily explained in a single sentence, you really have to experience it to understand just how fun it is, even if that fun is short lived.

It looks…

It lacks the polish of AAA titles but somehow the theme fits well. The pretty explosions and paths of light are easy enough on the eyes.

It sounds…

Sounds are appropriate. Explosions are convincing. There isn’t much of what usually constitutes a soundtrack but what is there is of high standard. It does get a little boring though, playing through 15 minute rounds with absolutely no back ground music.

Ninja Robot Go Go!

It plays…

The game is quite easy to get the hang of quickly and blowing robots up is generally quite fun. There are moments when things get a little dizzying but the thrill of leaping through space without fear of falling into death and destruction (except at the hands of your enemies) is, well, awesome.

It lasts…

Although the game is fun and explosions satisfying, I didn’t expect Plain Sight to last that long and neither should you. Admittedly playing a single round from start to finish is taxing enough to warrant not touching the game again straight away.

Another thing to note is the lack of human players I came across online – a community was pretty much non-existent, though there is only so much that can be done about that.

Final notes

Plain Sight is an underrated indie title that deserves acknowledgement. However, given the game’s short life span I highly recommend that if you are going to pick this title up you should do so with friends, lest you be prepared to take bots on for the rest of your Plain Sight life, and that you make a calculation of cost per play before you buy it.

It is currently available on the STEAM store for US$9.99.


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