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If there’s one thing I don’t appreciate, it’s having advertising shoved in my face. I’ve been told the average person is exposed to approximately a hundred advertisements per day – a figure that was met with my incredulous blank stare without hesitation. However, these days I feel that isn’t too far from the truth.

So when I’m in the comfort of my own home, on my own computer, playing games, I really don’t expect advertisements to pop up IN-GAME.


Initial reaction: WTF VALVE, WHY DO THIS FOR?


Let’s be fair here and think for a bit before I start brandishing my huge stamp labelled “SELL OUT!!!!!”.  Team Fortress 2 was released via Steam in October 2007. Three years ago. At the moment it’s available from Steam for US$19.99.

If you were a loyal Team Fortress 2 fan and bought the game back in 2007, would I be correct in saying that, up until the store went live, you did not fork out any more money for the game?

That if you were a TF2 fanatic, you’ve spent hundreds of hours upon hours playing this game, and did not have to pay any more then what you initially spent?

The game has received frequent – and sometimes huge, game changing – updates. These updates need teams to develop, test, and implement them. These employees do need to be paid in some shape or form. And don’t get me started on other hidden costs in the upkeep of such a popular online FPS.

I can see why they need the money. After all, someone out there is working really hard on this game.

But sometimes it goes just a little too far. Case in point: A fellow TF2’er received a random item in-game. Said random drop was a box (supply crate, to be precise). “Oh,” he said, “A  box! I wonder what’s inside”

“Hmm. I can’t open the box. It says I need a key”

Key can only be bought with real cash from Valve’s TF2 store.

Now that’s just cruel! I mean talk about shoving it in your face. People like me just cannot resist that sort of curiousity. Which is probably why I shall be straying away from TF2 for a while. Oh well. At least Left 4 Dead’s newest update went live today. Huzzah!

The witty sense of humour has been retained.


Comments on: "Team Fortress 2 shoves store into players’ faces" (1)

  1. Daaaavid said:

    Yaaay product placement

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