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So recently Microsoft has turned their eye to the smartphone market. Apparently they saw a potential opening for them, somewhere amongst the battle between the iPhones and other Android-powered devices and thought “Ooohh, there’s a space there I can squeeze into!”




So my point is, the latest news from Microsoft on the phone front has seen them touting the Windows 7 Phone as a “gamer’s phone”. What exactly makes a phone a gamer‘s phone, hmm? A phone that one can play games on, perhaps?


It’s through no fault of their’s which I am arguing – just that phones simply aren’t devices that are suited to gaming (prime example of fail: the N-gage). My strong belief is that if a gamer wants a handheld gaming experience, they’re going to turn to a handheld gaming device. A device who’s key purpose is gaming; not where it’s some other tacked on novelty.


Not to mention that battery life is still an issue on handhelds (although my PSP can clock up to about 7 hours of life) and even worse on smartphones.


Personally I don’t even have a problem with the Windows 7 phone – it just irks me when they try to sell it as a “gamer’s phone”, which is stupid. There’s no such thing.


You want a gaming experience. Which do you reach for?


We’ll wait and see, Microsoft. We’ll wait and see.

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