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Halloween has just passed and as an Australian I must say that this event really didn’t effect my everyday life. Unfortunately. I was even slightly disappointed that no trick-or-treaters stopped by my house because I love children. Cue evil laugh.

Just kidding! I guess I’ll eat all the candy I had bought myself.

So sticking with the theme of horror, I thought I’d relive the scariest moments I’ve had on PC gaming to date. Let’s start with number 4 (because naturally I am so fearless I couldn’t come up with a fifth).

4. Zork Nemesis

The Zork series were really a classic text-based adventure. Nemesis took a different turn, evoking a darker atmosphere then the predecessors had (although Return to Zork really scarred me as a young child, what with the creepy evil laugh and all). What creeped me out about this game was not in the scares – for which there were very few ‘jumpy’ moments – but more the generated atmosphere. The entire game had a haunting atmosphere which was done quite well. The use of real actors just made it all the more disturbing.

Most vivid memory: Walking around in that asylum. Or the violin that plays itself.

3. Doom 2

Ahh, Doom 2. I essentially grew up on this game. Those daemons will have a lasting effect on me for a lifetime.

Most vivid memory: The sound of a cyber daemon armed with a rocket launcher arm pacing around. Or those damn cyborg-spider things.


This game truly rocked what I thought I knew about FPS games. The use of the atmosphere, messing with the player’s mind on what you did or did not see, was used to great effect. My poor heart suffered some stress for the duration of the game. Probably why I never got around to finishing it.

Most vivid memory: The ‘ladder’ scene. And the ‘elevator’ scene. The first time you meet Fettel. Only those who have played know what I am referring to…

1. Vampire – The Masquerade: Bloodlines

Ahh, the Ocean House Hotel. Whilst the game wasn’t particularly horrifying, a single quest had me on edge all night. I believe the quest was titled “The Ghost Haunts at Midnight” – your character was expected to venture into a haunted house and retrieve a personal belonging of the ghost there. I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. The setting was eerie enough without a ghost trying to kill you.

Most vivid memory: My favourite moment had to be walking into a bedroom, the door slamming shut and the lights switch off before flickering on again and me facing a wall with the words “GET OUT” freshly scratched across the wall.

The best part about this level was the buildup. You can slowly unearth what happened in the place to cause the haunting in the first place, revealing an interesting backstory. The Ocean House Hotel will remain in my mind for years to come.

So that’s my top four! Got some of your own pitch in? Do share!


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