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Ahh, EBGames. The bane of our existence as gamers. I’ve seen this place be criticised in all sorts of ways – I have even seen forums dedicate entire threads to detail their terrible experiences at EBGames.

Sometimes I’ve had great experiences. In fact, the best experiences I had eventually led me to become a loyal customer, which in turn led me to be employed by said place. But that’s another story. This was not one of those great experiences. This was a terrible one.

So it was an ordinary Sunday – I was catching up with a friend and she wanted to buy a game for her boyfriend. It was a prime moment for my game knowledge to be called upon so after lunch we stopped by the closest EB Games there was. Carlingford EB Games.

Let it be known that I experienced my terrible customer service at Carlingford EB Games. The game we ended up picking up was ‘Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II’ (her boyfriend wanted it), a title which was being sold for $99.95. I knew for a fact that JB Hifi stocked it for $79 but alas, the nearest JB was much too far to justify driving to. So I hoped to price match to our local Target.

We were served by a young man – looked like a teenager. Shirt unbuttoned, untucked, no name badge, and he refused to price match. “You’ll need a catalogue” He said. Seeing as how I used to work at EB Games, I asked if he could call them. He seemed reluctant to do so but picked up the phone anyway.

He was put on hold, and we waited at the front counter for about fifteen minutes. I don’t know how long the exact time was, but it seemed to pass real slow as we stood there staring at him, waiting to be put through to Target. So I tried to make some idle conversation.

“So, how’s your day been?” I asked cheerfully.

“Not good. I have to call all these people about our midnight launch”

The conversation sort of died there.

So in the end he didn’t price match us, stating that Target had it for $99 and he would match that. “You save 95 cents” He stated. Well thanks dude. Thanks for being a major jerk to us and making us feel about as welcome as dirt.

I will not be shopping at EB Games again, and niether will my friends, whom I have all discouraged from going there.


Taken from the EB Games Website:

‘Our EB Games and Electronics Boutique retail locations set us apart in the industry. Everything that we offer our customers – from our expansive selection of new products, to our knowledgeable associates and our value-added pre-owned products – is geared to deliver customer satisfaction.’


Comments on: "A Terrible Experience at EBGames" (4)

  1. SmileyMAN said:

    what a kunt.

    Should have thrown the game at his face, go to jb and buy star wars II, come back and throw that copy at his face.


  2. yeah fuck ebgames. They can’t compete with JB, or even Target, I often get an elitist gamer feel about the place when I walk in and ask questions

    • Hi Tofa N,

      Yeah I know what you mean. Some of them are real idiots, but the cool ones I can just chat with more then make up for it.

  3. chickenkatsudon said:

    hahahaha unlucky!

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