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I wrote up a post some time ago listing some of my scariest moments on PC gaming (click here for that one). I love scary games. There’s something about the immersion which draws me in, something about being scared that gives me reason to laugh at myself.

Looks like I have a new title to add to the list – Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

This is a game which does scary differently. It’s intensity requires that I quit the game after every 15 minutes of playing so that I can realign my mind with the real world. Seriously. Being the thinker I am, I channeled my inner journalist to pinpoint what exactly makes this game so damn horrifying.


My past experiences with horror games have taught me a valuable thing - sewer levels are always the worst.

Is it perhaps the inability to defend oneself from the monsters present? That they run faster then you, that you will spend a good thirty seconds running down a corridor and turn around only to find it in your face?

Or the build up of suspense as your character shuts the door and hides in the cupboard as the creature breaks in and sniffs around for you?

Maybe it’s the unsettling visuals. Your character starts to see things – imaginary and not – as he loses his sanity. Staying in darkness for too long chips away at your sanity, but stepping into the light will reveal your location…

I think it’s the sound. You hear a lot of strange noises. Footsteps are constant. Weird grunts of otherworldly creatures. You investigate a room you were certain a sound came from. You find nothing. This happens a lot. Then some footsteps prove to be real and belong to something coming after you.

I recommend that you play this game at night time with the lights off, headphones in and sound turned up. Unknowing of what I was in for, that is how I approached the game the first time I started it up. I have since decided to give my poor heart a break and play in more pleasant conditions.

Official Trailer

Full video review to come soon!


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