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So I’m on my third playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins when a most interesting realisation hit me.

One of the central characters, Loghain Mac Tir, bears a striking resemblance to Varian Wrynn from World of Warcraft!

On the left is Varian, on the right Loghain.

I shall lay out the evidence and let you judge for yourself if indeed the two look as though they could be brothers. Or the same person.

So first up is Varian Wrynn. His character is currently king of alliance city Stormwind and his biography details that he is very much a warrior as he is a leader. Varian also made a prominent appearance in the ‘Secrets of Ulduar’ in-game cinematic for WOW’s Ulduar patch.

The heavily armoured Varian.

Physically, the first thing I noticed was the hair. Both characters have very similar hair and faces. The second distinguishible feature they had in common was that they were both heavily armoured.

Loghain Mac Tir serves as one of the central plot character’s in Bioware’s RPG Dragon Age: Origins. Like Varian, Loghain is a human warrior who takes up a leadership role amongst his people. The similarities don’t end there.

Loghain in his heavy armour.

Besides physical appearances, both characters have a number of other things in common.

  • Widowed
  • Famous for having fought in great battles
  • Both command an army and serve some leadership role
  • Reside in a fantasy world populated by dwarves and elves

What a marvelous coincidence! And I shall put it down to nothing more then that. Although they do look like they could be brothers, couldn’t they? Even their in-game personalities are similar.

Loghain, Varian.


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