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Dear gaming diary,

Regular day. Hit up some Persona 3, Cry of Fear and about to do some practicing in Starcraft 2.

Persona 3

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 is probably the first game of the day I play, most days of the week. My commute to work is about one hour and fifteen minutes, meaning on a good day I can clock about two hours into this game.

The majority of today’s session was spent on that cursed mini-boss guarding level 171 of Tartarus. Man, that battle took the entire train trip. I was so engrossed I managed to completely tune out the inane conversation of the middle-aged couple next to me (thank god). That battle was actually the most annoying one I’ve encountered so far.

Not only do these shadows take a turn after each of your characters, they are insanely strong and cast Mazionga every second turn or something. What the hell man! When I finally managed to beat them, they only gave about 800 exp or something. That’s just salt in the wound. I’m getting 1k+ from normal shadow battles. And I get three diamonds too. I have plenty of diamonds. I have so many diamonds. In fact, my character is practically rolling around in diamonds so I don’t know why he doesn’t just quit high school and get on with his career as a diamond prospector or something. I suppose education is very important to the Japanese.

Hurry up and come back Mitsuru.

Hurry up and return, Mitsuru.

Anyway, I’m just waiting for Mitsuru to get back so we can carry on with the core party members already. Darn Tartarus, could’ve sworn I’ve hit the rooftop on you already.

Cry of Fear

This game pleasantly surprised me. I’d already played some of it on the weekend and was so bored I actually walked off and started doing other stuff whilst palming it off to Snifu. He got equally bored and we ended up having a lovely conversation throughout the game.

Herpa derpy derp!

Herpa derpy derp!

Playing with my lovely co-host Jess was a totally different story. Besides the fact that every time she screams I can feel my life-force bleeding away in years (♥), the game took on a totally tense atmosphere with her next to me. Putting aside buggy hit boxes and stuff, I actually found myself enjoying the game (*le gasp*). I’m pretty glad we got to play it on the House of Horrors stream. May continue my playthrough over the weekend, but I think Doom 3 takes priority over that on my horror game list at the moment.

Starcraft 2

‘Bout to hit this game and get some practice in. My APM is improving a bit, but not quite hitting the point I’m happy with yet. Anyway, after seeing sOs and PartinG (;_;) perform admirably in GSL Code S yesterday I was pretty inspired. Maybe I too should execute some weird skytoss tactics and cheese my opponent out. Except it wouldn’t be cheesing, because sOs did it first and if he did it, it’s totally a legit strat. Except he was a little bit BM at the end, but oh well.

Ragnarok Online 2

I’m downloading this at the moment on steam, only because Maltesers and Will have been playing it a lot lately. Didn’t want to re-roll my knight but ah, the things I do for DYRM. Might start it tomorrow, depending on how my SC2 training goes.

Peace out diary, will be back with more gaming stuff tomorrow.

Comments on: "Playing da games – 15 May 2013" (3)

  1. RO2? stop grinding your life away on that game already 😛

  2. Anonymous said:

    Hey! It´s cool to see you posting again. I´ve been on the edge about getting Starcraft II, I even just finished the original campaign in preparation. But god, with a full time job its so hard any good game time.


    • Hello Anonymous 🙂

      Thanks! I thought I’d start a regular diary series as a way of keeping my writing skills up. I would highly recommend Starcraft II, even if you don’t play multiplayer. The story is pretty interesting and playing as Kerrigan is heaps fun.

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