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Dear gaming diary,

Got to stream an exciting new game today – Metro: Last Light! StarCraft 2 practice continues. Tartarus remains standing.

Persona 3

Still in Tartarus. The night has yet to pass, as I like to explore the tower until I’ve hit the barrier all in one night. Unfortunately this tends to wear the team out. Today Akihiko complained about being tired so I returned to the entrance and swapped him out for Yukari. Also, we’re totally in a relationship. She said she loved me and I think she’s really sweet. She’s also got a super strong heal, so she’s one of the members of my core party.


Behold the towering monstrosity that is Tartarus.

Just grinding and killing shadows in Tartarus. I expect I’ll hit the next mini-boss shadow soon.


Metro: Last Light

Today we did a special stream for Metro: Last Light. Having seen very little game footage, I was genuinely impressed by the game’s visuals. The game played out like any standard FPS in the beginning, but it was when the stealth parts hit that I was really pleasantly surprised. I adore stealth games and knocking out enemy soldiers in Metro: Last Light was super fun. I rush more when I’m on stream but if I were playing by myself I’d have taken the time to study the pats and stuff.

8/10, would buy full version when on sale. It helped a lot that I had brought my own mouse along for the ride.


Starcraft 2

The training continues! Last night’s session only resulted in one game vs A.I. as I continue to subject myself to training. I messed up so much yesterday, (built mothership core way too late, walled myself in etc.). What is important is that I still won, easily. They didn’t even destroy my natural. I’ll be better prepared today.

I’m going out tomorrow night so I don’t think I’ll be able to update then but when the weekend hits, expect a massive post.

Peas and love, will be back on the weekend!

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