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Dear gaming diary,

Three words – Ragnarok Online 2.

Persona 3

Hit the next mini-boss in Tartarus. This time, it was Koromaru who whined like a dog about being tired (which is not unusual, seeing as how she is a dog) so I swapped her out for Ken Amada. Whilst I have qualms about bringing a 12 year-old boy with me into battle, Ken has yet to prove me wrong about his abilities as a party member.

Just about to start fighting the next mini-boss. From what I can tell, this battle is going to be as annoying as the last.

Starcraft 2

Yet to hit the ‘Find Match’ button. I think I’m suffering from Ladder Anxiety. Snifu joined me for a 2v2 on Saturday night which we absolutely rolled. He went skytoss and I just went for a stalker, archon combo. Pretty happy with my macro for the first three quarters of the game.

Feel like I’m slowly improving, will try and start laddering the following week.

Ragnarok Online 2

I think I’ve found a new addiction. This is not a good thing. According to steam I have accumulated 6.3 hours on RO2 since starting it yesterday. I love my swordswoman, although her voice makes me want to punch orphans. Korean dub was so much nicer. Will try and find a mod to bring it back.


I’m working towards a Tank PVE build and I absolutely cannot wait to start dungeons with the team. Might pull a late one tonight so I can hit 15 and buy a mount. That giant bird thing I get to ride looks pretty cute! This is absolutely Maltesers’ and Will’s fault.

I’m sort of feeling the old MMO nostalgia as well. I miss old-school RO. The struggle with how difficult that game was, and the friendships I made. It feels like I’m getting that with RO2 all over again, although so many people are still missing. I miss Katteh, my leveling buddy. She was the most skilled priestess I ever met. We owned it up in every server we lived in.

The dynamic duo in the good ol’ days.

Overall, a good game-filled weekend. Clocked about ten hours total, if not more.

Peas and gravy, back for more tomorrow (if I’m not grinding on RO2 still).

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