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Dear gaming diary,

It’s official. I’m addicted to Ragnarok Online 2. Today we streamed Dota 2 diaries and although it was a great feeling getting back onto that game, all I could think beforehand was, “Man, I could be using this time to level up in RO2!

Clearly, something is wrong with me.

Dota 2

Today we streamed Dota 2 Diaries. I randomed Centaur and feel like I did pretty decent, despite having not played the hero in Dota 2 before. We lost in the end and I felt so bad about being unable to carry my team to victory. Must do better next week!

Please forgive me, friends.

Ragnarok Online 2

Me and my buddy, Bird-brain.

Me and my buddy, Bird-brain.

I finally got my mount! It’s a Peco Peco. They look like huge orange toucan birds. In the original Ragnarok Online they made this funny “honk!” sound whilst running around in the wild and I felt really bad killing them. But now I’m riding one, and it sort of makes me feel like a Peco Peco knight when I ride it. I like my mount and I have decided to name him Bird-brain.

Except, look what I found today!


OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t eat fried peco drumsticks in front of Bird-brain! So I’ve decided I’m not going to eat them anymore if I can help it, even if I’m on low health. I’ll just sit and wait for HP regen.

Anyway, going to grind and try and hit level 20 today. All I can think of is making it to Warrior. I can’t be a knight anymore because that is what Danze is going to be and I hate doubling up on classes. Dammit, I really wanted to be a knight. It’s totally in my blood. But it raises complications in rolling for gear in dungeons and stuff, and I don’t want to fight over gear with my teammates. That’s just silly.

Not much else to report today, although I am enjoying around the grassy fields of South Plain (one map south of Prontera). I think Bird-brain likes it too.

Chicken legs.

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