hello, I'm Zorine Te. I work hard to quietly deliver the best content in video games.

Dear gaming diary,

I went out on the night of May 21 and attended a trivia night. It was very different to the kind of games I usually play but still lots of fun. I found it shared a lot of elements with the regular gaming I do – communication, teamwork, fast response time.

More recently I’ve been hitting Ragnarok Online 2 pretty hard, and little else.

Persona 3

Not much to report here. I’ve been training pretty hard in an effort to prepare for the next shadow mini-boss. Junpei has been swapped out of the party for Aigis. I know Aigis can freak some people out with her weird personality, but I quite like her! Even if she is a robot, she is still capable of random bursts of wisdom.

Yukari and I are an item.

Yukari and I are an item.

So now my party is comprised of a robot, a 12 year old boy, my girlfriend, and myself.

Those shadows don’t stand a chance.


Ragnarok Online 2

So much has happened in such a short space of time. I’ll try to recount everything in chronological order as best I can.

Bird-brain and I travelled the South Plain of Prontera for a while. I think he likes the weather there. Except I had to do something which made me feel a little bit uncomfortable. One of the soldiers out in the plains needed some meat to replenish his strength, and I couldn’t say no to helping him. He needed Peco meat…

Killing Green Pecos.

Killing Green Pecos.

… so I had no choice but to kill some Pecos. I’m sorry, Bird-brain!

Shortly after I met up with the rest of the team – Maltesers, Snifu, and Will. We decided it was time to face the Wolf Cave and complete our quests. It was dark and damp in the cave and it took a while, but we managed to pull through without any major casualties (I only passed out once).


I had a lot of fun facing off against the giant Poporing King and his big moustache.


Will and myself rest whilst Maltesers watches over us. Snifu gathers materials from the fallen in the background.

The cave was fairly long, and we had to rest at some points.

It was tiring but I enjoyed the adventure.


Joy the cow meets my Peco mount, Bird-brain.

Afterwards, I returned to Jacob’s cottage and made friends with Joy the cow! She’s very lovely and produces good milk, apparently.


After helping out the peoples of the Southern Plain I was sent to a town in the East named Izlude. There I decided to take a break and smith some weapons to go with the new gear I had acquired from the Wolf Cave. I love heavy armor – it’s what a proper tank should be wearing!


I even met a cat merchant!

I haven’t explored much of Izlude yet, but I get a feeling there’s a lot in store for me. I don’t think I’m far from becoming a full-fledged knight, so time to hit the quests and gain more experience in saving the world. I’ll write down what happens next time.

Till then, take care of yourselves!


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